• 2018 1st AUO Artist
  • Kim Yoonha
  • Sungshin Women's University, Sculpture, 4th semester
  • Kim Yoonha is an artist who uses various method to express, such as Visual media, Installation, Performance, Sculpture and Photography. Her works deal with the objects or phenomena that are easily discarded or too commonly used in daily life which make that worthless. She gets an unfamiliar idea from those objects or phenomena and call them in her way of saying 'everyday noise'. She amplifies this noise especially by visualizing the expression. Through this, she explores something undesirable but exist, or something can not be seen but can be felt. And she continuously throws their reality and existence into question.

The rage song for A

Media Arts / Performance

  • 2017
  • Photo| Self-taxidermied anchovies, Angry anchovy
  • 2017
  • Photo | The revolution of the anchovies, Anchovies
  • 2018
  • Video | A spinning fancy, 1 channel video, 00:01:42(short version)
  • 2017
  • Video | The Rage Song for A, 2-Channel video, 00:06:59, Infinite repeat
  • 2017
  • The Rage Song for A, 2-Channel video, 00:06:59, Installation image
  • 2017
  • Installation | The laboratory A | Anchovy, Crystal resin, Gel wax, Candy, Chalet, etc. | Variable production
  • 2017
  • Installation | The laboratory A | Anchovy, Crystal resin, Gel wax, Candy, Chalet, etc. | Variable production
  • 2017
  • Things that are confined, dropped, and piled up| Media |Anchovy, Glass, Sea printed on paper| Single Channel video, 00:05:07 | Variable production, Installation image
  • 2017
  • Video | Things that are confined, dropped, and piled up | Installation video(short version)
  • 2017
  • Drawings | Single phase for A | Variable production
  • 2017
  • Installation | Collection, other collected object (2015-2017)| Variable production
  • 2017
  • A series | Installation video


Noise of Daily Life
(Subtitle: Orange Noise)

Noise (noise) often refers to the interference of other signals in the system due to mechanical reasons or the distortion of various unintended input signals.

I have a point where things that are universally used or used in everyday life seem strange or different. Let's call these points "everyday noise." I feel a lot of these noises in objects that are mostly discarded or destroyed, and objects that seem very trivial and worthless. The objects found in this everyday noise have some energy, which is very sensual and special. This energy mainly converges through collecting and repetition, and is emitted through the combination or disassembly with other objects or atypical activities. And there is a gap in this process, which can not be seen or touched, but it has an immaterial sense to feel clearly. I visualize and amplify this gap. I try to carry out the essence of things and phenomena through these acts.

In order to express this phenomenon visually, I collect, record, or memorialize (or mourn) the object in the form of a documentary. And The result of this act is Displayed in video,installation format. 'Labor music for A' is shown commonly used anchovies which compared postgraduate student assistants or other workers in the blind areas of labor in daily life. this work is shown not Anthropological anchovy but New anchovy. It is expressed 2-channel video.

Objects and phenomena found through everyday noise are universally common and obviously exist, or many things go too far. This noise makes things unnatural. I remind that through these discoveries there is an invisible, immaterial gap that exists in everyday life. Rather than forcing those who see it to do this, I ask them to think through the visual amplification, to ask questions rather than to force it.
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