• 2018 1st AUO Artist
  • Lee Kiwon
  • Chungang Univ, Sculpture, 5th semester
  • Lee Kiwon is attending BFA course of Chung-Ang University. He keeps trying to make a device that produces something artistic. He is currently focusing on a meta approach to Traditional Formalist Art forms of Painting and Sculpture. He uses cinematic grammar scenarios to produce his works. He seems to have overall stress on controlled, categorized, repressed and refined art forms.

The Totem Phase

3D (Sculpture, Installa..

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I prepare the Arena as I build the stage. I produce five weapons at the same time i recruit five actors.
Actors are faithful to their parts on stage and weapons review their validity.
Both actors and weapons faithfully perform the roles required by the director and the weaponsmith.
When the lights goes off, the actors ' roles are over.
Experimental subject for the validity of weapons are exhausted and the weapon tests are over.
After all, remnants remain inside of a six-meter-long rectangle surrounded by wire mesh.
The actors ' dynamic movements and rate of destruction of weapons traces are left vividly.
The rectangle isolate to piece.
The left trace are parasitic on the host of a broken rectangular fragment to support their existence.
They decide to latch on something stronger and more formal than itself to remain exposed.
What are actors and weapons going to be outside of a stage or Arena that has been disbanded and lost its role?
Their roles must have ended.
Broken down and cropped rectangle for the trace no longer exists for weapons and actors.
It exists only as a host for the parasite of the traces.
Everything ends and all roles are lost.
After ends of roles what can we define these?


The Totem Phase, 2017, 1024*768, 00:16:17


1. Monocycle Mace, 2017, Steel, 14*136*4 cm

2. Quixote Polearm, 2017, Steel, 40*175*22 cm

3. Schlumberger Sarissa, 2017, Steel, 136*8*15 cm

4. Zo Halbert, 2017, Steel, 33*123*9 cm

5. Anthocyanin Zargaframe, 2017, Steel, 26*64*18 cm


1. Parasitism Trace 1/19_Bank Robber, 2017, Acrylic on Panel, 42*59.4 cm

2. Parasitism Trace 1/38_Mantis, 2017, Acrylic on Panel, 42*59.4 cm

3. Parasitism Trace 1/38_Rotten Mango, 2017, Acrylic on Panel, 42*59.4 cm

4. Parasitism Trace 1/38_Blue Flame, 2017, Acrylic on Panel, 42*59.4 cm

5. Parasitism Trace 1/38_Mass Stranding, 2017, Acrylic on Panel, 42*59.4 cm


Parasitism Trace, 2017, Steel, Dimensions Variable
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