• 2017 2nd AUO Artist
  • Wang Seonjeong
  • Korea National University of Arts, Fine Art, 1st semester
  • I’m a Korean Artist producing painting works. I completed a Fine Art Undergraduate course in South Korea and have worked in the domestic art market for Six years. And I am currently attending graduate school at Korea National University of Art. As soon as I left my school, i was invited as an artist to “Young Artists Recommended by the Renowned Korean Artists- tittle: Our Awesome Moments” in 2015 , which is held by “HITE Collection”. And I have participated in residency programs as an artist in foreign cities/counties such as Paris in France in August 2012 and Shanghai in China in March 2016. Also I have had solo exhibition three times and had many times group exhibition.

There are , oil on fabric, 160x 160cm, 2017

2D (Painting, Drawing,..

  • 2017
  • Acrylic on fabric
  • 160 * 160 (cm)


A things like that landscape and natural objects feel more abstract and delicate than other protagonists in painting. Especially each of big color sides make a very unique and extreme world according to become sky, mountain or river. My landscape is started in harmony of other two to three colors by intuitive choice. First of all I have to fide atmosphere come out incident or stimulation which is made by color faces. It is space that saw in a dream, so I feel that find thing around here or not. Next time I drawing any other objects with that landscape in unaffected.

Kim Taiyun, Artist
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